Elimination of herbicides contain glyphosate from the list of approved pesticides in Vietnam. Plant Protection Department (PPD) – MARD, Vietnam. Wednesday – April 10, 2019 17:10

On the afternoon of April 10, 2019, at PPD – MARD a press conference held to officially announce the removal of pesticides containing glyphosate from the list of approved pesticides in Vietnam.

Earlier, on the same day, Deputy Minister Le Quoc Doanh signed Decision No. 1186 / QD-BNN-BVTV on the elimination of pesticides containing glyphosate from the List of pesticides permitted for use in Vietnam. This information was informed by the Director of Plant Protection Department of MARD Hoang Trung at the press conference. DG – PPD, Mr. Hoang Trung said that this active ingredient is widely used in the world because of its high effective herbicide. However, the toxic level of herbicides containing glyphosate has long been warned. The abuse of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides for a long time affects the environment and has severe consequences for the health of people often exposed to these types of active ingredients, and consumers.

With the view of weed management, not weed elimination to protect land resources for agricultural development in the direction of safety, sustainability, and application of chemical herbicides to control only the weed species are competing nutritionally with plants, and to manage weeds scientifically and effectively. Currently, in the list of permitted pesticides in Vietnam, there are 54 safe and effective herbicide active ingredients that can be the alternatives to Glyphosate.

In particular, organizations and individuals have also registered herbicides containing new-generation active ingredients, which are bio-based herbicide and safe to replace Glyphosate. Therefore, the decision to elimination of herbicides containing glyphosate from the list of pesticides permitted for use in Vietnam is strictly in accordance with the current law, in harmony with international regulations, and economic, suitable to practical and socio-economic conditions of Vietnam.