Sites Hosted by The Field Alliance

Community IPM. Originally created as an activity of the FAO Programme for Community IPM in Asia, this site is now an archive for information about IPM activities in 12 countries including case studies, scientific papers and newsletters.

Ecoschools Network. A site created by the Thai Education Foundation, which provides information (in Thai) for school principals, teachers and students involved in IPM and other environmental education activities.

Toxic Trail. A site developed by staff of The Field Alliance to supplement a BBC documentary about pesticides and IPM in Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. Fact-sheets and scientific papers can be downloaded from the site.

Thai Education Foundation. The home site of one of Alliance Partners, with content in both Thai and English

Other Sites of Interest

Farming Solutions is a website jointly created by Greenpeace, Oxfam and ILEIA. It demonstrates how food security and sustainable livelihoods can be achieved across the globe by innovative and environmentally responsible farming systems. The site contains more than 70 ‘success stories’.

Food First, also known as ‘The Institute for Food and Development Policy’, carries out policy studies and advocacy campaigns related to hunger and poverty. Food First are the publishers of Circle of Poison: Pesticides and People in a Hungry World.

The Institute for Social Ecology has a library of essays by authors such as Murray Bookchin who examine social and economic development from an ecological perspective.

Sustainable Development Dimensions is an information service of FAO, which addresses issues such as people’s participation, women in agriculture, land tenure, agricultural extension and environmental planning.

The Food and Fertilizer Technology Center is an international information centre funded by the Governments of Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan. The website includes a large on-line library focusing on agriculture in Asia.

NRM Changelinks is an excellent site for people interested in Natural Resource Management and Participatory Development. This guide to on-line resources includes sections on ‘sustainable development and the environment’, ‘participatory M&E’, and ‘action research’.