Center for Initiatives on Community Empowerment and Rural Development (ICERD) support Department of Education and Training of Hanoi to organize TOTs improve knowledge and skills on management of pesticide use,  training (FFS) in the safe production.

Over 200 staff from 88 Community Learning Centrers (CLCs) of 4 districts (Dong Anh, Soc Son, Hoai Duc, Me Linh) of Hanoi and teachers of 20 Semi-boarding schools in Hanoi graduation from training of trainers (TOTs) held in 2018 in Hanoi, Vietnam. TOT provided knowledge, skills of pesticide impact assessment (PIA) and sustainable conservation and use of agrobiodiversity (ABD), and build the capacity for CLCs in order to organize the FFS and activities on PIA and ABD. TOT’s technical contents including: principles of System Rice Intensification (SRI); pesticides impact on human health and the environment; conservation and application of agricultural biodiversity; application of biological bedding/bio-mats in livestock to minimize environmental pollution and composting methods; standards and regulations related to safe vegetable production to improve nutrition and health; cultivation techniques to enhance the ability to respond to climate change and enhance / improve the ecosystem.