Regional Curriculum Workshop on Agroecology for Farmer Training, Hanoi, December, 13-15, 2016 in Hanoi, Vietnam organized by the Field Alliance and Initiatives for Community Empowerment and Rural Development (ICERD).

Workshop was to share experiences on Agroecology training of farmers in the region; to visit and exchange with farmer groups near Hanoi, and to draft a revised Agroecology curriculum framework for FFS.

Over 30 participants attending the workshop including FAO, various government organizations, non-governmental organizations, representatives of various international organization from Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.

During the field trip the participants visited and learned the experiences that the local intitutions, schools and farmers collaboration to conduct the “Rural Ecological Agriculture for Livelihood (REAL) program”, that has been supported by ICERD since 2014. Activities visited including:

> Farms of Integrated Rice-Fish cultivation

> Apply Bio-mats in levestock raising

> The filelds “pesticide risk reduction, promotion of Integrated Rice-Fish cultivation”

> Home garden (chemical free)

> Management of pesticide containers after use

> Woman Club