The 5 th  Mekong Extension  Learning Alliance meeting  in Vietnam (MELA meeting) in Vietnam


 Concept notes: Organization of The 5 th  Mekong Extension  Learning Alliance meeting  in Vietnam (MELA meeting)

1. Background

National Agricultural Extension Centre,The National Agriculture Extension Center (NAEC) is an institution under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) in Vietnam whose core functions are to provide training to extension staffs and farmers in Vietnam, carry out agriculture extension projects,  and transfer advanced agriculture technology to farmers as well as carry out cooperation with other countries in the region to implement agriculture extension activities to improve farmers’ wellbeing. It registered under the Resolution no.02/2010/ND-CP on agriculture extension works, having its registered office located atno.16 Thuy Khue Street, Tay Ho district, Hanoi.

2. Rationale

The 4th Annual Meeting of the Mekong Extension Learning Alliance (MELA) was held on 20 – 24 August 2018 at Richmond Stylish Convention Hotel, Bang Kra-Sau District, Nonthaburi Province, Kingdom of Thailand with xxx participants attended from all sectors. The Department of Agricultural Extension, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives was the host with supports from The Field Alliance, the Global Forum for Rural Advisory Services (GFRAS) and Lao Upland Rural Advisory Service (LURAS) (see attached program and summary of the 4th meeting).  According to the conclusion of the 4 th meeting, Vietnam is elected as the host country for the 5 th MELA meeting in Vietnam in 2019,

 MELA action needs to seek for more linkages and supports from members and existing networks both global and regional such as GFRAS, APIRAS, SDC, UNESCO, FAO, ALiSIA, AWGATE etc. Whereas, it needs to exchange visit among member countries to learn and explore good practices, reused  responsible businesses, agro-ecology farming, safety agri-products’ market driven, precision farming with IOT , policies, and development collaboration of stakeholders.  

In order to host the 5 th MELA meeting in Vietnam in 2019, Vietnam (National Agriculture Extension Center, Vietnam) will contribute its budget partly and need to seek financial support from partners as well as from donors, as budget from Vietnam Government is limited to support this event.

3. Objectives

Theme of the 5th MELA meeting will be “Smart Farmer and CSA”. The objectives is  to share information, knowledge, experience, and best practice in extension and advisory services among Mekong Region countries and institutions involved in agriculture and rural development and to provide a space for reflection, hands-on peer support and learning.

4. Participants

There will be 100 participants and special guests from five countries of MELA members; Cambodia (10), Lao PDR (10), Myanmar (11), Thailand (10), and Vietnam (40) as well as the international organization such as GFRAS/APIRAS (1), SDC (1), ALiSIA (2), UNESCO (1), and FAO (1). Participants of each country are involved the representatives of governments, academics, private sectors, young farmers, and local NGOs.

5. Venue/time

It is intended to organize the meeting in HCM city or Da Nang City,  in September 2019,  according to recommendations from MELA member countries.

6. Tentative meeting contents

Five parts of the program addressed with the share of

a) International and regional overviews from GFRAS, UNESCO, FAO, SDC and APIRAS in terms of the updated information: green agriculture, food safety, capacity building for famers, agriculture production in situation of  4.0 industry.

b) National policies and efforts for start-up farmer and green agriculture, development of agriculture cooperatives of five countries of MELA members,

c) Presentation of academics, NGOs, and private sectors on practical experiences, research, education for start-up farmers and cooperatives, job training for farmers,

d) Panel discussions on government policy, green agriculture, cooperative and job training for farmers

e) sites field visit to exchange ideas

7. Expected outputs

a) Report of the workshop

b) Collaborations and proposals for development, research and innovations at the nationaland regional levels

c) ???

d) ????

8. Work plan

Activities/outputs January February March April May June July
Preparation of MELA meeting
Meeting with stakeholders in  to see supports and select fields for visiting
Development of meeting programme
Issue and deliver invitations to participants
Organize meeting

Annual Meeting

5rdMekong Extension Learning Alliance(MELA)

Da Nang City, Vietnam

Tentative Date:  1-5 July  2019